New 3D Printed Products

I recently partnered with HappyApeRC to produce a few new 3D products. HappyApe produces some great scale accessories using 3D printing technology. While we do have a Shapeways store for some of our other 3D printed products, these new products are a little small for the prices that Shapeways would want to charge. In addition we wanted a little more rapid printing time to be able to get these out to customers faster. The difference between them is that Shapeways uses a very expensive laser sintering process to create the parts and the 3D printer that HappyApe uses is an extrusion printer. This means that there are more noticeable printing lines on the printed products that HappyApe creates, however they are typically a lot cheaper in price with little difference in strength. So for small products like scale accessories an extrusion printer is just fine.


New 3D Printed Products

The first of these products is a Rock Light mount with included LEDs. To start with there are two variations of this product, one for the Axial SCX10 and one for the Vaterra Ascender. If there is enough demand we will create versions for other trucks. Both of these mounts are designed to bolt directly into a stock chassis using no additional parts and with a minimum of work.


Rock Lights for the Axial SCX10 

Photo 2015-09-27 11 12 28

Photo 2015-09-26 10 04 28

Rock Lights for the Vaterra Ascender

Photo 2015-09-26 10 01 39 (1)

Photo 2015-09-26 10 57 32

Other Versions

Axial Wraith/Spawn and GMade Sawback versions are also going to be available soon.


The LEDs

The LEDs we use for these are super bright. They are 3W and require 9-11 volts and have a color temperature of 6000-6500. There are a few ways that you can run these lights. The basic kit comes with just two mounts and two LEDs. It would require you to solder wires to the LEDs and provide them with power. However we are also offering two different install kits. The first kit is just a simple 9 volt battery connector. From some simple testing these LEDs should last around 3-4 hours at a minimum on a standard 9 volt battery. We also offer another kit that will allow you to run them off of either a 2S or 3S lipo battery. There are several options within each kit such as having a separate switch to turn them on and off.


Both versions are available now through HappyApeRC at

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