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SuperScale 2017 Trophy Class Run

Here is my Trophy class run from SuperScale 2017. I was being overly cautious as it was my first competition and the first time driving a prototype chassis which later became the Boom Racing...


SuperScale 2017 Challenge Class Run

Better late than never…this is Viktor's (aka The RC Ranch) Challenge Class run at SuperScale 2017. The car is a Vaterra Ascender running on the shortest wheelbase setting with a Volvo 242 lexan body.

Driving at the playground 0

Driving around the playground

Took the kids out to the playground and decided to do a little driving to test out my new RunCam3 camera.  I'm still figuring out what settings to use, which post processing to do and...

Tekin Hotwire Programmer 0

Programming Tekin ESCs

Programming Tekin ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) couldn't be easier with the Tekin Hotwire device. From Tekin's website: Unlock the full potential of your Tekin speed control with the HotWire 2.0, connect to a host of...


Crawler Wheelbases

So you've bought a crawler, run it for a while and now you want to change to a different body. Or maybe you are looking to get into crawling and just don't like any...

Build Inspiration - Beetle 1

Build Inspiration

Build Inspiration I see a lot of custom builds, but for every custom build I see, I probably see 3 times more factory stock vehicles. Now there is nothing wrong with a factory stock vehicle...