RC Culture was originally founded with the idea of bringing communities and vendors closer together to support each other for mutual benefit. This was found to be an incredibly difficult task for many reasons. One reason is that local vendors have to mark up their prices significantly in order to stay in business and make a profit and customers generally choose to buy from the cheapest source even if they have to wait several weeks to get their product. In addition bringing the two groups together is pretty much a full time job and we already have those, this is something we were doing on the side. Nearly all the things that were tried to bring the two groups together failed and finally with the community activity dwindling it was decided to change the site to a more editorial type of format.

This new format lets us concentrate on the things that we enjoy doing as well as helping the entire RC community through education and hopefully inspiration. The site will continue to be dedicated to RC Crawling, Driving, Racing, Drifting and Flying as it was before but hopefully with a renewed vitality that will generate more content for you to enjoy.

Check out our Videos for our RC videos, the Galleries for RC photos we love, the Tech Corner for How-To and DIY articles, the Projects section for our own projects and our Store for RC Culture related products as well as 3D printed RC products.

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