Lights in Alingsås – Urban Assault

Every October since the year of 2000, leading lighting designers gather in Alingsås, Sweden. Throughout this time, dark evenings and outdoor environments are transformed into exciting lighting design installations. Facades are transformed into warm and colorful spaces, futuristic forest lakes can acquire a whole new perspective and these oases of light provide examples of good urban lighting and make for new and attractive venues in the city.
Lights in Alingsås is an important international meeting point for lighting designers, students and companies. Around 80,000 people visit Lights in Alingsås each year. It has become the largest exhibition of lighting design in public spaces in Northern Europe. Following a route through the town, visitors get the rare opportunity to experience top quality architectural lighting.

For the last 2 years the RC Crawler clubs of southern and western Sweden have decided to gather and follow along the route through town to showcase their RC Crawlers. Each year there has been over 30 RC Crawlers. 

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By day Jay Leno works with information technology and in his spare time he is actively involved in the radio control hobby. Passionate about new technologies and pushing the limits of what is possible as well as a strong desire for things to look "scale" drive his interests in the hobby.

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