FlySky GT3C Review

Today's video is the FlySky GT3C Review. This is currently my favorite radio. This video covers some of the features and why I like it so much and sets the stage for doing some modifications and customizations to this great radio.


  • Channels: 3
  • Model type: car/boat
  • RF range: 2.4-2.48GHz
  • Bandwidth: 500KHz
  • Band: 160
  • RF power: less than 20 dBm
  • 2.4G system: AFHDS
  • Code type: GFSK
  • Sensitivity: 1024
  • Low voltage warning: yes(less than 3.5V)
  • DSC port: yes(USB; output: PPM)
  • ST range: 90
  • TH range: 45(F: 30;B:15)
  • Charger port: yes
  • Power: 3.7V(800mAh)
  • Weight: 303g
  • ANT length: 26mm
  • Size: 157*116*258mm
  • Certificate: CE0678, FCC


  • Flysky GT3C Transmitter (1pc)
  • Flysky FS-GR3E Rceciver (1pc)
  • Flysky FS-B800 800mAh Transmitter Battery (1pc)
  • Menu CD (1pc)
  • USB Cable (1pc)


Where to buy:

FlySky GT3C Radio:…

FlySky GT3C Extra Battery:…

FlySky GT3C Extra Receiver:…



By day Jay Leno works with information technology and in his spare time he is actively involved in the radio control hobby. Passionate about new technologies and pushing the limits of what is possible as well as a strong desire for things to look "scale" drive his interests in the hobby.

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