Boom Racing TF2 Long Wheelbase (LWB) Conversion kit

In this video we install the Boom Racing TF2 Long Wheelbase (LWB) Conversion kit on a RC4WD Trail Finder 2 (TF2). We start with a standard TF2, tear it down and add the desired parts to the Boom Racing TF2 LWB parts to create a long wheelbase crawler. The video is rather long so if you wish to jump to specific points you can use the quick links below. To purchase either the full conversion kit or the high clearance skid plate you can use the purchase links below.

Quick Links

Skidplate comparison:
Framerail comparison:

Purchase Links

The full conversion kit:
The high clearance skidplate:



By day Jay Leno works with information technology and in his spare time he is actively involved in the radio control hobby. Passionate about new technologies and pushing the limits of what is possible as well as a strong desire for things to look "scale" drive his interests in the hobby.

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