Project Shorty is one of the shortest 1/10 scale rock crawlers out there. It has a wheelbase of just 250mm which is 63mm shorter than a stock Axial Honcho! Project Shorty was built as a gift for my fiancee. Built entirely in secret over a 5 month period working whenever she left the house it was an interesting project to say the least. In the hopes that she would get as excited about RC Rock Crawling and Trailing as I am I tried to customize it in a way that matches her tastes and style to make it uniquely hers. From what I have seen so far, there is nothing else quite like Project Shorty anywhere else in the world.

The following are all the build posts:

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  1. […] than the Tundra so I will just need to shorten my links slightly. It won't be as short as Project Shorty though so it shouldn't require the same level of major modifications. The FJ Cruiser body comes […]

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