Project Expedition – Episode 2 – The Axles

In this installment of the build of Project Expedition we finally get to look at the axles!!! We’re using a set of Vanquish Products new licensed Currie axles with their CVDs and 8 degree castor hubs, 8 degree steering knuckles and Axial 43/13 hardened gear sets.  With this combination we will have roughly 55 degrees of steering angle and shouldn’t have any problems with anything in this area of the drivetrain breaking!  They really are amazing axles and you can’t truly appreciate them until you’ve seen a set in person and held them in your hands.

Here we are just doing a very quick build just to show off how detailed these axles really are and how much it takes to do an entire build.  We only applied lock-tite to a few places that we know we won’t be taking apart when we start to “tune” the axles to our needs.  There are many more areas where lock-tite will be applied once we finish with the tuning.



By day Jay Leno works with information technology and in his spare time he is actively involved in the radio control hobby. Passionate about new technologies and pushing the limits of what is possible as well as a strong desire for things to look "scale" drive his interests in the hobby.

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