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Project Shorty part 8 – The Rolling Chassis

If you were at Aeroseum 2015 or watched the Aeroseum 2015 video you may have caught a sneak peek of Project Shorty's rolling chassis, but if not, here it is! I've installed the winch on the bumper because it has to be mounted to the flat top plate and then the plate mounted to the bumper and it is much easier to do that while the bumper is not on the chassis. I also installed the servo to the chassis mounted servo bracket because it is easier to install it to the mount and then the mount to the chassis rails.

Side View

From the side view you can see how short the rear section is and you can also see how the rear shock towers were relocated forwards to make the extra short chassis. Additionally you can see how the new 3D printed skid plate / transfer case mount allows the transfer case to sit low in the chassis so that it only rises above the frame rails by a very small amount. The new vertical transmission and motor mount is also visible and you can see the angle that it is mounted at to give a low profile and keep the driveshaft angle reasonable.

Project Shorty

Top View

From the top you can see how a lot of the pieces discussed in earlier posts have been moved around. You can easily see the chassis mounted servo, relocated motor / transmission mount, re-designed skid plate / transfer case mount and the relocated rear shock towers. The stock Axial rock slider mounts are going to be used to hold the interior floor in place which will in turn hold the body in place. Rock rails may eventually be created for Project Shorty but as of right now I'm not sure.

Project Shorty


The rolling chassis for Project Shorty came out just as I had hoped it would. The powdercoated parts like the frame rails and beadlock rings match the painted parts like the chassis braces and axles perfectly and it has that custom hot rod look that I was going for. I know many of you may be curious as to what body is going to be fitted to such a short chassis, that's coming up soon.

Project Shorty

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