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Project Shorty part 2

In the first installment of Project Shorty I had built up the shortened frame rails using whatever spare parts I had on hand to determine if I could make it short enough to fit


Project Shorty

So you might know if you've watched the Project Expedition videos this far, I purchased two Axial SCX-10 frame sets to be able to create an extended frame for Project Expedition. I removed 6cm


A Tale of Two Toyotas

“I had to take the Alaska Mountain Rescue Toyota Tundra out into the forest today to rescue a lost park visitor and guide him back to the entrance.” Well it sounded good anyway, it...


Powder Coating RC Parts

Parts of Project Expedition require customization and often this means that we are removing the original paint. While we could simply re-spray those parts with standard spray paint, there is another option that we...


The Crawler Box

For the past couple of years I have been working on a project that I have nicknamed the “Crawler Box”. The project started while I was wondering how I was going to control the...


Custom Land Rover Defender

Join us as we take a look at Martin’s custom Land Rover Defender.  It is a truly unique creation and one of the reasons that we love RC Crawling so much.  Just like with...