2015 Glöggrundan

The 2015 Glöggrundan took place on December 5 and you couldn't have really asked for much worse weather. It could probably be best described as a kind of winter monsoon. The rain came down in an almost constant flow only changing drop size from time to time and the wind was blowing constantly as well. In spite of this we had the largest attendance for any crawler event this year and for the Glöggrundan event as well with 42 trucks and even more people. Torbjörn of RC Vikings and his family hosted the event and after we finished they were kind enough to provide hot soup, drinks, bread and Christmas cookies and candies to us all! 

2015 Glöggrundan


I decided to leave my camera equipment in the 1:1 car and just try to stay dry and enjoy the day so I'm afraid I have no video or pictures from the event. However, Jacob Goos and Anders Redigh were kind enough to share their photos so I do have photos to share with you (just click their names), some of which you may have already seen on our Instagram account.

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